Eula Chu

HR Generalist at Razer

Recognized by Sarah Feldman

For Office Manager Appreciation Week, Managed by Q is featuring the people who keep teams happy and productive. After working in education, Eula Chu found that she enjoyed fostering interpersonal relationships and supporting people, so she pursued a career in office management. Her role evolved and transitioned—she is now the HR Generalist at Razer—but Eula still finds ways to support people at work in many different ways. We sat down with Eula to learn more about her career growth.

How did you come to your job and what previous experience did you bring to it?

Previously, I was a tutor and worked with kids from a wide age range, from preschool to high school. I like to support people and enjoy fostering interpersonal relationships, so I started looking for an office management position. Nextbit took a chance on me and I learned everything on the job.

Your role has changed since you began. Tell us about that evolution.

Nextbit turned out to be a great place to get started as an office manager. Since it was a relatively small company with 30 employees, I quickly got to know everyone. I loved being able to brighten someone's day whether it was a complex project, like organizing an event, or something simple, like ordering good coffee beans. I got to wear lots of hats over time, and one of those hats was HR. I managed our benefits through a PEO (professional employer organization) and on-boarded new hires. When Nextbit was acquired by Razer, I was able to transition to HR work full-time. I've learned that there are so many ways to support people, and it's exciting to still be doing so in a different capacity.

"My advice—find a team that appreciates you and your awesome work!"

What's a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me revolves around preparing for and on-boarding new hires, fielding questions from employees about the company and their benefits, and working closely with the Office Manager, Recruiting team, and extended HR team on various projects. My goal is still to handle our employees' administrivia so they can fully focus on their work.

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What is one aspect of your job that you feel really passionate about?

I'm really passionate about organizing fun events and making work a fun place to be. Events I've done in the past include birthday celebrations, themed holiday lunches and parties, a summer field day with bubble soccer, our winter holiday party, happy hours, and movie off-sites. After working hard towards a milestone or completing a project, employees need a way to decompress. Events give them a way to socialize with their colleagues, and it's great to see everyone reenergized afterwards.

What's one skill, tool, or strategy you use to streamline your workload?

I'm always working on different projects, so staying organized is very important! To do this, I actually use a combination of Google Calendar and old fashioned pen and paper for my to-do list. My role is to support every part of the company, so requests come from different teams and have different needs. Everything is carefully recorded, ensuring there's no miscommunications or mistakes. This way, I can quickly move on to the next task.

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If you were to give a piece of advice to other office managers, especially those just starting out, what would it be—especially since your role has evolved into HR?

To those who are just starting in office management, my advice is to not take things personally. Being an office manager is often an underappreciated job. You have to deal with each and everyone’s problems. Not everyone is going to thank you, but that's okay because you know that nobody is perfect. People don't always think of the consequences of their actions. They're not leaving their dirty plate there to spite you; they're just lazy or forgetful! Learn how to professionally prevent or fix the problem instead of taking it personally.

To those who want to evolve into an Human Resources role, my advice is to get involved in your company's HR projects. On the side, educate yourself in your state's and city's employment and labor laws. There are resources online and courses you can enroll in.

And my bonus advice—find a team that appreciates you and your awesome work!

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